What is Big Fish Ministries:


Websites: VagabondChristian.com (Home to Vagabond Christian the Podcast talking about the issues we face in a Post-Christian World), BigFishMinistries.com (ministry website hub) and Kristine McGuire.com (an inspirational and informational blog about Christian life).

Speaking & Writing: Topics relevant to life (testimony, prayer, spiritual warfare, marriage, homelessness, dealing with depression, the occult, human trafficking)

Social Justice: Educating churches through speaking and writing, while providing resources for the Church about the issues we face in a Post-Christian World.

Big Fish Ministries serves God and people Luke 10:27
We reach out to those "on the fringe" of society or feel disenfranchised from the church.
We believe in relationships over programs.
We are passionate for the ways of Jesus.
We need fellow Christians who will come along side us in ministry and support what God is doing through Big Fish Ministries.
Please prayerfully consider partnering with us!